When we first picked up up the Stealth Bomber in April of 2015, it was in a complete state of #becauseracecar. With a custom bolt-in cage, Corbeau race seats, MOMO suede wheel, Nitto NT-01”s, and 6-point harnesses; it wasn’t exactly a daily driver. We promptly entered the car in the next SCCA SOLO Championship event (a whole week later – we don”t waste time).


Not knowing the setup of the car and having only driven at an autocross twice, we enlisted Brett from BTM-Autosport to co-drive and give us pointers on the setup. To put it simply, we dominated. As the first car out in the ESP class, we put down a blistering time, with Brett nudging us out of first place by 1.28 seconds – in our own car. We loved the way it drove, the car earned its Stealth Bomber nickname, and a racing addiction was born.

At the time of writing, the Bomber is a daily. Luckily the previous owner kept a collection of stock parts (filling an entire van when we picked up the car) which allowed the car to return to what we have dubbed #becausestealthracecar. The stock front seats went in, the cage came out, the harness unbuckled, and the stock wheel was reinstalled. Life with a S197 had just begun!


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