Mods, Mods, Mods

We can’t leave a car stock (or at least how we purchased it in this case) for long. The Stealth Bomber was no exception, and we acted fast. One of our key design elements is simplicity. We blacked out the GT badges, and tinted both the front and rear markers. We swapped out the large and ungainly factory mirrors for the Agent47 Race Mirrors, and picked up a set of street wheels and tires. Inspired by the JDM scene, we chose Avid 1 AV-06 wheels measuring 18×9.5″ in bronze. We wrapped those with the Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 in 275/35/18 sizing. These all-seasons gave us a bit more confidence in the wet than the Nitto NT-01”s! At the same time we went with Gorilla open-ended aluminum race lug nuts, adding to the JDM flavor. The interior got a bit darker with the help of the ever-popular Plasti-Dip, and our brakes got a lot less dusty and loud with the help of Powerstop Z23 Evolution Sport pads. Braking was noticeably diminished, but still well within the “let me just pick up my stomach off the dashboard” range that the monster 14″ 4-piston Brembos provide.


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