12/13/15 SCCA CAM-C Writeup

This past weekend we attended the last championship event of the season for the San Diego Region at the classic Qualcomm Stadium. This event was on the west lot, which typically results in bigger and faster courses. This course, designed by Arvind Govindaraj, was no exception. We entered the Stealth Bomber in CAM-C, running our street wheels and tires, Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 275/35/18 on Avid.1 AV-06 wheels in 18×9.5 sizing. These tires are a 360tw all-season, so we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of grip to work with. We did elect as usual to adjust camber in to -3 degrees from our street setting of -1 degree, which brings with it a slight bit of toe out. This removed a bit of understeer and gives the car excellent turnaround. Since this was the last event of the year, and our late start in the season already removing us from the points race, we elected to enter in X-runs to allow for ride-alongs.

The first run was fast, despite not seeing the course until we ran it, but we were presented with a very disappointing 79.83 time. Turns out the car in front of us had spun off course and stalled, out of our line of sight. That meant a rerun, and that our first time was actually the stalled car’s time. Great! The grid was packed, and we did have a bit of traffic and wait time before getting to our second run. We came in with a 59.108+1, clipping the first cone in the second slalom. Faster than the rest of the CAM-C field, but we knew there was room on the table. Our final run ended up being our fastest at 56.302. The next fastest CAM-C car put down a final time of 60.250. Nearly a 4 second lead on street tires, we were ecstatic! The training received during the SCCA Novice School in November, along with the new parts and adjustments, had made a world of difference. 2016 is going to be a fast and competitive season.


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