UMI Control Arm Bushing Replacement

We’ve been hearing a squeaking over bumps coming from our UMI lower rear control arms. Not knowing the exact age of the bushings on the chassis side, we knew a replacement was in order. Researching on UMI’s website, we easily found replacement bushings for our control arms. Ordering and checkout was easy, and our parts arrived neatly packed just a few days later. UMI also included a TON of stickers, which we always appreciate.


Removal of the control arms is an easy affair. We jacked up the body, supported it with jack stands, and let the axle hang free. Wheel/Tire removal was next. Then, working one side at a time, we unbolted the chassis and axle bolts, and pulled the control arm out of the car. Then, using an appropriately-sized socket, we hammered the inner metal sleeve out of the bushing. With this sleeve free, we started one of the bushings by prying on the edge of the pushing with a wide flat-bladed screwdriver, then resorting to pulling with our hands to remove the half bushing. With one half out, the other was easily pushed out by hand.

Installation, as they always say, is reverse of removal, just with a lot more elbow (and bushing) grease. Using the supplied Energy Suspension grease, we lubed all sides of the bushings, and the outside diameter of the inner sleeve. Then we installed a bushing half, pushed in the inner sleeve, then installed the other half. the bushings tend to want to walk out of the control arm on their own, so a quick installation into the chassis-side mount is key. We elected to bolt the axle-side on first, then lever the chassis side into place using the weight of the axle. We then slid the bolt home, and went to hand-tight. After replacing the opposite side, we set the car back on the ground and tightened the bolts to spec.


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