1/10/16 SDR SCCA CAM-C Writeup

The San Diego region of the SCCA started it’s 2016 season early, with the first event kicking off on the 10th of January. We headed out with the Stealth Bomber to see what times we could put down. The week before had been quite wet, so we were planning for a slip n’ slide at Qualcomm Stadium. We ended up with a dry course for our afternoon run group. The Bomber was set up in street configuration, running -1* camber and zero toe on the Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 275/35/18 street tires mounted on our AVID.1 AV-06 18×9.5” wheels. The changes to the car since the December event were adding a little bit more anti-squat in the rear, utilising one bolt hole lower of our Steeda adjustable lower control arm brackets. Additionally, we swapped out the GT500 wheel for the MOMO MOD88 racing wheel.


Our competition in CAM-C consisted of a 2015 Camaro SS Vert, a 2013 Camaro SS 1LE, a 2005 Mustang GT, and a 2002 Mustang GT. The course was complex, with a few off-camber transitions and a Costco-sized Chicago box at the end. After a very intense battle between us, the Camaro Vert, and the 2005 Mustang, we managed to put in a third place time of 66.648 seconds. The 2005 Mustang secured first with a 64.698, and the Camaro Vert stole second from our grasp with a 65.032. The rest of the field was seconds behind with times in the 67’s. In comparison, the CAM-T group had winning times in the high 63’s running on 200tw Bridgestone RE-71R’s.

The podium finish was hard-fought, but demonstrates that more work is needed for the 2016 season. All three podium finishers were not on the 200tw minimum that is standard for a competitive CAM-C car, with both the Stealth Bomber and the 2005 Mustang running treadwear in the 300 range. We hope to have a new tire setup locked in by this weekend, to bring the heat to CAM-C, as well as give the CAM-T group night tremors.


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