More Audrey Hepburn, Less Jayne Mansfield.

We recently came across a great article at Petrolicious, profiling Dorian Valenzuela and his shop, DV Mechanics. The goal of the shop is to resto-mod period Alfa Romeos, allowing the cars to “go to Joshua Tree and blast around for the weekend”, among other things. If this starts to ring of Singer Vehicle Design, DV is an alumni of that company. But the goal isn’t high-dollar, its high-function, which is right up our alley. A few quotes that really stuck out as far as inspiration goes:

I really got a kick out of was buying the raw materials, going to the machine shop after hours and making my own bushings or taking a little bit of weight out of a piece of hardware. That was kinda my thing, doing “plus one” type rebuilds on various components of the car.


I just liked that they carried on the same basic aesthetic but improved everything underneath.

For me it is an organic process with a lot of trial and error, kinda like watching your girlfriend pick out an outfit, I can’t wait [laughs].

I also want to build car that someone will not be afraid to use the shit out of.

The interior’s going to be a little bit more minimal, but equally beautiful I think. The exterior is going to appear as if it was a factory build. It’s not going to scream out at you for attention.

I take on routine jobs to fund my skunkworks projects.

You have to find somebody who really understands what you’re doing and realizes that it’s basically an art project for the first year and then it can become a money thing.

We recommend reading and viewing the whole article, as there are a lot of great tidbits and shots of various projects at DV Mechanics. Also, don’t miss the video!


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